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Now a guaranteed way to save thousands of dollars off the drive-away price of your new Peugeot

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How to save up to 25% off the retail
of a NEW Peugeot and get it delivered to your door… without haggling with pushy
salesmen at the car dealership!

To find out how much you can save on a brand-new Peugeot

LOOKING For a Brand - New Peugeot


Since 1999, our company – Private Fleet

has helped more than 25,000 Australians save money on new and demo vehicles (whether passenger vehicles like hatchbacks and SUVs to light commercials such as utes and vans) using the power of Fleet Buying. Quite simply, we buy more than 5,000 cars a year. And because of the volume of sales, dealers offer car buyers who use our free service discounts they simply can’t (and won’t) offer private car buyers who buy one car every five years. Between 20 January 2015 to 30 January 2016, using our Fleet Buying technique, we saved private car buyers a total of around $23.5 million dollars. We saved over 2,500 private car buyers an average of $3,800 in 2015. And we saved 2600 car buyers an average of $4,100 per vehicle in FY2016.

Now, in 2017, you can do the same…

How we can help you save thousands on your new Peugeot

Three reasons Fleet Buying will work for you

Your savings are 100% guaranteed
you get a great discount

A sale through Private Fleet costs the car dealer less money, because they don’t have to pay advertising costs, commissions and physical overheads. That means they can afford lower margins, which means they can afford to offer you a better price than they can on an ordinary car sale including runout and clearance event deals.

We’re 100% independent – so you
only get the best deal

When you place your order through, we give several dealers the opportunity to quote. And the dealers know in order to win your business they have to give you the best price. (And that price includes dropping the car off at your door with a full tank of fuel.) Because we simply give the business to the dealer that offers you the best deal on the car you want.

The service is 100% free – you don’t
pay a cent

We do all the work for you… We get you a quote, negotiate the price (whether paying cash or lease) and extras and handle all the paperwork – but you don’t pay a cent for the service.

The dealer who gives you the best price pays us a referral fee.

Peugeot FIND
The Right Peugeot

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And we’ll look it up. We’ll get you a quote and help you find the right motor vehicle for the lowest price wherever you are in Australia – from Perth to Parramatta. We’ll give you a call, to make sure we have all the details right. Whether you want a hatchback, sedan, 4WD, station wagon or a ute… Automatic or manual, petrol or diesel… Then we’ll get you a no-obligation quote for free and help you find the right Peugeot for the lowest price. Then we’ll get back in touch and let you know what the deal is. You can decide whether you want to buy your new Peugeot or not once you see if the discount is right for you. So call us anytime between 8am and 9pm, Monday-Friday on 1300 303 181. We can help for any Peugeot model including the Peugeot 208, Peugeot 2008, Peugeot 308, Peugeot 3008, Peugeot 4008 and Peugeot 508.

What have you got to lose?

The service is 100% free.

You can get a quote with no obligation to buy – that means you don’t have to accept the offer we get for you. You’re still free to shop around the dealerships for prices and finance deals on your own.

More than 25,000 Australians have saved money 
Using the Private Fleet service

Customer reviews? Here’s what a few of our past clients have to say about how the Private Fleet service worked for them.


“Not only did the car arrive a day earlier than promised, it was over $2,000 better than my best quote.”

Mr Brennan,
Adelaide, South Australia

“Private Fleet saved me $1,000 on the purchase of the car on top of the standard dealer discount. Can't be anything but happy about that.”

Ms Austin,
Blacktown, Sydney NSW

“Thank you for your assistance the car is fantastic the deal you were able to negotiate for us was great. We haven’t stopped telling people about the great deal, how easy everything was, the service the whole experience was ‘as smooth as silk’. In the end we saved around $1,800.00.”

Mr G. Inskip,
Killarney Vale, Central Coast NSW

"The price from the winning Gold Coast dealer was extremely competitive - better than anything we could have done ourselves."

Mr Kuhle,
Corinda, Brisbane QLD

“I could not believe I was behind the wheel within 2 weeks of the order. As promised, the car was beautifully presented and with a full tank. The money I saved by using Private Fleet will enable me to purchase a few luxuries.”

Mr D Jones,
Howrah, TAS

“Thank you for your prompt service which allowed me to take advantage of factory bonuses alongside the discount you negotiated. I saved approx $4,000.”

Mrs Addison,
Southbank, Melbourne VIC

Let’s get started now

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you want to buy, along with your contact details so we can get in touch with you and let you know what the deal is. (It’s a short form that shouldn’t take you any longer than 30 seconds to complete.) We’ll be in touch very soon to let you know how much you can save on the on-road price of your new Peugeot. And then you can review the offer, decide if the price is right and whether you want to follow through on the purchase. If not, no hard feelings.